The Nail-Biting Rescue Operation of an Anteater Who Napped on a Power Line

Sometimes animals, like people, choose the most extraordinary places for their 5-minute nap. This anteater is here to prove this once again.

An informant from a local hotel in Costa Rica had found an anteater hanging from a power line. Brenda Bombard, the founder of Refuge for Wildlife, shared how nervous the rescue operation they took to save that anteater.

The citizens witnessing teh scene were shocked from 7:30 in the morning, especially when they thought it was being electrocuted. But the anteater truly could be electrocuted at any time so the rescue team should be extremely cautious.

They called also an electric company group to help teh rescuers to take the animal safely from there. They used various methods and it was breathtaking when the anteater finally grabbed the stick. Though teh rescue was nerve-wracking everyone was happy to see that the animal was safe and sound.

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