Veteran uses skills to track down dognapper who stole family’s pet Yorkie

Dognapping has been on the rise lately. It was a very sad fact as the cruel dognappers leave thousands of families in despair.

This story tells you about a cute Yorkie, Avery, who was stolen from her family’s property back in June. Raquel Witherspoon and her whole family were devastated as they lost their beloved dog. Avery was their 12-year-old daughter’s heartbroken dog.

The home’s doorbell camera captured the moment the nappers lured the dog and took her. As soon as the family began spreading their photos they began threatening the family by sending them cruel videos of their Yorkie in a cage.

Richard Machamer, an Iraq war veteran who served in the US Marine Corps, offered his help. He managed to find the phone number and its connection with the social media sites. Soon he discovered an Instagram account of a piercing business and the boy in the photos and the dognapper captured by the camera coincided. So with the help of the police, the veteran managed to find the trail and arrest the suspected 16-year-old dognapper.

Avery reunited with her family and now is safe and sound.

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