The family found one of the most venomous snakes on the planet on their freshly decorated Christmas tree

Rob Wilde and his wife Marcella hail from counties in the South East of England. They moved to Cape Town 15 years before and then settled in McGregor’s village. Their children were born here.

New Year and Christmas are favorite holidays for the whole family. At the beginning of December, they took out the Christmas tree and immediately decorated it. The first “bell” that something happened in the room was the action of the two cats. They stared at the trees and hissed.

Marcela initially thought the animal had seen an insect or small rodent, but her pet’s behavior was so unsettling that she decided to confirm. As she approached the tree, she noticed a snake on top of it. The snake moved to another location, after which the search continued for several hours.

Jerry Haynes said the snake was aggressive but he managed to catch it after it slipped out of a tree. He put the snake in a special container and took it with him. “Snakes only attack when they sense danger, and they attack to protect themselves.

Jerry took out the snake, put it in a safe place, and after a while released it.

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