Twins were born with different skin colors and different facial features! They have grown up and here is how they look now

We always think that twins should be identical and similar to each other. However, even though they are born with different looks, they always have similar facial features that indicate they are siblings. But sometimes nature is comforting.

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British couple Donna and Vinson Aylmer gave birth to Lucy and Mary in 1997. Mothers remember the shock of seeing their babies for the first time. After all, they were polar opposites.

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Lucy was blonde with curly red hair and blue-blue eyes. Mary, on the other hand, had a dark complexion, brown hair, and brown eyes.

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The children’s mother was born in Jamaica and her father was later found to be a native Englishman. There are also siblings in the family, but Lucy is more fair-skinned than her father.

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As is often the case with typical adolescents, the sisters have polar opposite personalities. Lucy likes dark clothes and bright cosmetics, while Mary prefers softer, more delicate shades.

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