Noodle haircut: Bella Hadid flaunted her new hairstyle-fans didn’t appreciate the change

Bella Hadid has already become known as a star who is not against various experiments.

Bella Hadid: Ihren Red-Carpet-Look nachshoppen | COSMOPOLITAN

Stunning beauty has become one of the most demanded models in the industry. Many fashion designers, critics, and followers adore her for her sexuality, baldness, and willingness to evolve.

Bella Hadid hastanelik oldu - Haberlobi - Trabzon, Trabzonspor, son dakika haberler

Recently she has done an experiment with her hair which was not appealed to her fans though.

Bella Hadid surge deslumbrante com 'cabelo Marilyn Monroe' e blusinha transparente – e é enaltecida por fãs | Celebridades | Monet

They commented that the model looked perfect with her brunette hair and the new blonde hair just made her look older.

Bella Hadid incorpora estilo de Marilyn Monroe em vídeo publicado no Instagram

She tried to copy the famous diva with this haircut. However, she doesn’t need to copy anyone as she is amazing the way she is.

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