Working Sheep Dog Faces Standoff With Surveyor In The Middle Of The Road

They say don’t disturb working dogs! A surveyor in Chile had to learn this when he recently encountered a hardworking sheepdog.

Mati Lillo (TikTok user @mtslillo) chronicled the experience in a video uploaded to TikTok, explaining that he was doing research in rural Chile when he noticed something on the road.

In the video, a small puppy can be seen tending sheep, but the dog finds Matty. Matty wanted to disturb the sheep, but the dog didn’t want to let him.

The dog ran to Matty and after a short pause, Matty stepped to his side and let the sheep and their leader pass. 
After Matty stepped aside, the dogs ran back to the pack and quickly ushered them down a dirt trail. The sheep was working to keep up with the little puppy.
@mtslillo Un día cualquiera, con un perrito cualquiera jajaja #valdivia #ovejeros #topografia ♬ sonido original – Matías lillo iglesias

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