Cute moment! The 2 month old baby surprises her mommy by saying «I love you»

Some movies on the Internet can melt people’s hearts immediately. This heartfelt moving video of an 8-week-old baby saying “I love you” is one of such amazing videos.

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The baby’s mother fell in love with the baby and wanted to take pictures of her baby. Any parent will say that hearing a child pronounce the first word is one of the most exciting moments in life.

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Most newborns can speak a specific language by about 6 months of age. These utterances often mean the names of the baby’s parents or something the baby wants, such as a milk bottle or a toy.

These phrases can be a little difficult to hear, as children may have a mix of speech, noises, and even sobs, which can convey very different needs.

A mother and her little child had a short chat to discuss the approaching end of Christmas. All of a sudden, the baby pronounced “I love you.” And this was the most touching thing that her mother had ever heard.

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