Clever otter sees orca in water and barely escapes by jumping onto man’s boat

John is a diver and actually lives underwater, but this is the first time he’s witnessed something like this.

John Dornellas works in Coldwater Alaska.
The company offers boat trips in the area, but one day John witnessed a heartbreaking scene right in front of him.

He was about to pick up passengers at the Halibut Cove Lagoon when a killer whale appeared in front of him.
But it wasn’t just a killer whale. John spotted a sea otter swimming frantically in the distance. The killer whale had already spotted the otter and was swimming toward it. The otter had already found the boat and was swimming as fast as he could.

The killer whales learned that an otter was on the boat and circled John’s boat in search of the otter. The otter jumped onto John’s boat. However, the sea otter was still very scared because he didn’t know if John was also a threat.

John sensed this fear and tried to reassure the sea otter that it was safe to be on the boat.
Eventually the sea otter tried to stop returning to the water and dragged it in front of his boat.

The otter stayed there until it was safe.
When the killer whale was far enough away, John launched the boat and headed for the passengers. He left an otter there. When he found the sea safe, the otter jumped back into the water and swam away.

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