Floating gym in Paris, so you won’t run away from your workout for sure

Carlo Ratti Associati has inspired people to exercise more beautifully and aesthetically. The Italian company designed a special boat that uses pure human power to sail down the Seine in Paris.

An interesting way to get people to generate ship power is by burning calories for their own money you don’t exercise, the ship can’t make it.

The high-tech floating gym is 20 meters long and can accommodate up to 45 people. The Floating Gym’s concept is that people can see how powerful the energy they are generating is while training. It’s hard to find a more original motivation.

Of course, if there aren’t enough people to power the ship, you’ll have to use renewable energy from the solar panels on the roof. If you like to visit gyms and keep your body in the right shape this will be another great reason to visit Paris!

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