Shy rescue puppy melts hearts asking for pets for the first time

As to ASPCA, approximately 3.1 million dogs and 3.2 million cats are surrendered to shelters each year. And if these animals didn’t get foster homes on time many shelters need to euthanize them.

Rolo is one of these dogs. The poor animals stay in their cages for so long that they got afraid of getting out of them.

When the foster mom came after Rolo he was frightened too. Tracy, the foster mom sat near his crate. But Rolo kept getting in and out of the corner. However, Tracy waited until Rolo get more and more comfortable with her presence.

As soon as they reached home Tracy introduced him to her dog Lily. They created a strong bond and soon Rolo felt very comfortable at her foster home.

The case with Rolo was a foster failure as the whole family was bonded to the dog.

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