The black Labrador Eclipse famous in Seattle for her unique ability to ride a bus all by herself died at the age of 10

A Seattle-area dog who gained fame for riding the King County subway bus alone has died at the age of 10.

Seattle's bus-riding dog Eclipse has died | CNN
Half mastiff and half black lab, Eclipse became famous for taking a bus to a dog park. Her owner, Jeff Young, said the bus used to take her to Belltown Dog Park every day. One day he got inattentive and restless, so she got on the bus and got off at the dog park.

Seattle icon': dog who rode bus solo to the park dies aged 10 | Animals |  The Guardian
It took Young a while to figure out where she went, but he was able to track her down to her dog park. Then she went on her own!

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On her October 12th of that year, her Facebook page, run by Young, announced that Eclipse had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. Two days later, on October 14, Young announced that Eclipse died in his sleep at 7 am.

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