Trembling stray dog melts into rescuer’s arms during first-ever hug

Hope For Paws rescues abandoned and homeless animals off the streets of Los Angeles and gives them another chance for a happier, and healthier life.

Soon they got a call about a scared dog. When the rescue team arrived the poor dog couldn’t even look at the rescuers directly. The dog was hidden in a cold place with concrete walls and bars. Eldad Hagar tried his best to get the dog from its spot.

It was too difficult to catch the dog as he was pressed on the wall and was hanging his head. But Eldad made efforts and managed to take the dog from its nook. He named the dog McKenzie. McKenzie felt very comfortable in Eldad’s lap.

From such awful conditions, McKenzie was transformed into a rather cozy and clean place where he would feel safe and sound. To fund more info about the animals that the shelter is offering click here.

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