At the hospice, friendly staff allowed the dying woman to say goodbye to her dogs and horse.

Saying goodbye is hard. Saying goodbye to a friend is especially difficult.

Jan Holman is an animal lover. After her fatal illness, she had to leave her beloved animals. Two spaniels and a horse named Bob have been with her for a long time and are part of her family.

The Englishman was taken to hospice from the hospital where she was admitted. It had been six weeks since she hadn’t seen a horse and two dogs. She might even think that she will never see them again.

The hospice staff has learned how important animals are to Jan, so they’ve prepared a big surprise for her.

Two dogs were brought in to meet her and bid her farewell.

The last thing a woman expected was Bob. It was a big surprise for her. Hospitals sometimes allow small animals such as cats and dogs into their homes. But horses are incredible.

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