Diver swam in Hawaii: dolphin asked him for help

Divers were swimming with manta rays in Hawaii when a dolphin swam toward them. It got very close to one of the divers as if asking for help. The diver immediately understood what he wanted.

A diver found a fishing line and hooks in his fins.

He carefully unhooked him, but his work was not done. The fishing line is still tangled in the fin.

Luckily the diver had a pair of scissors and was able to free the dolphin. Then he said goodbye to the dolphin and set him free.

This important job allowed Lars to rescue several cops and sea turtles from fishing lines his career (which is why he had a pair of scissors). But this was the first time a dolphin in need of help swam toward a diver. Thankfully, the touching encounter was captured on video and has since been viewed millions of times.

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