When a mother finds out from her son’s diary that he is going to kill his classmates, she makes a decision that not every parent would do

This story will surely make you think. While cleaning her house, the mother came across the diary of her 17-year-old son and decided to read it. Little did she know that her notebook contained her son’s intention to kill a classmate at school.

While wishing the best for their children, some parents act in ways that may harm others. She focuses on the protection and safety of children, even if it means putting her child at risk. After learning that her son was plotting genocide at school, this woman acted in ways that would be unimaginable for any parent. Most parents wouldn’t dare do what his mother did.

Mom Finds Her Sons' Diary, Then Discovers His Horrifying Plans And Turns  Him Into The Police - YouTube

Nicole Schubert was cleaning her apartment every day when she came across her then-17-year-old son’s notepad one day in September 2019. She opened his diary and flipped through the pages, wanting to know what her little son had written.

To her surprise, she discovers a mass murder written in her son’s handwriting. Her heart pounded as she read the dreaded plan word for word. She could not believe that her child could write such a thing. Being the firstborn, she was very fond of her son, but her life was turned upside down when she found out what he had written in his notebook. After learning of his evil plans, she was in despair. She wants the best for her child and she felt she was safer in prison than at home.

The teen murdered her mother and her partner at 5 a.m., then planned to go to a Washington high school and attack the students later in the day, he wrote.

Schubert was amazed by the detailed description of his strategy. She had never seen this side of him in a child. It’s scary to know that your child is planning a mass murder. She alerted the police of her son’s intentions and handed over her son, along with his diary, hours later. She wanted the best for her child and felt safer in prison than at home.

It wasn’t easy for Schubert to send her son to prison, but she did it anyway.

Months earlier, Schubert had found pipe bombs and explosives in his son’s room. She had also informed the police of her findings while her son was incarcerated. Schubert, who has no remorse for imprisoning her child, said:

“I think I saved a life.”

When authorities questioned Schubert’s son, he said what he wrote in his notebook was just fiction. He denied writing a real mass shooting plan in his diary. He was sentenced to 18 months of community surveillance and his 20 hours in prison.

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