A girl who weighs 130 kg married a slim Nigerian student

29-year-old Ira didn’t have the best weight.
Failed relationships with foreigners, dozens of pounds overweight, depression. However, her fate came as a pleasant surprise.

After breaking up with her cheating Italian, Ira fell into a depression and didn’t even think about her new relationship until she stumbled upon her message in an email from her dating site. She said the girl hadn’t registered there, but she opened her email out of curiosity and found that Emmanuel Oja, a Nigerian, had written to her. The girl communicates with a guy to learn English and she decides to say goodbye.

Emmanuel spoke excellent Russian, lived in Russia instead of Nigeria, and studied at a university. On a dating site, Ira and Oja exchanged personal contact information and continued to communicate. A few months later, Emmanuel decides to come to Ira’s hometown.

The couple kissed when they met. Ira remembers feeling like a high school girl when she kissed for the first time, her first meeting was unforgettable. The young people spent time together, and Emmanuel left to continue her studies again.

And when Oja received her diploma, the young people got married. However, his family was unable to attend the ceremony due to the Ebola epidemic in Nigeria. But on the first occasion, the husband and wife traveled alone to an African country.

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