‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Singer Has Audience In Tears When He Performs For His Disabled Brother And Simon Cowell Meets His Family

Fans ofBritain’s Got Talent” were recently treated to a performance when the show’s contestants paid tribute to their disabled brother.

Simon Cowell was in tears at contestant Mark McMullan’s singing. After Mark finished playing “Bring Him Home” by Les Miserables, Simon shook hands with both Mark’s brother and mother.

Mark lives in Newcastle and the performance saw him advance to the second round. He told the judge that his older brother became ill six years ago as a result of a brain injury.

 Mark, he says, uses his music as a means of comforting his younger brother. All three judges praised Mark’s performance and many viewers were moved to tears.

Judge Amanda Holden praised the tone and quality of Mark’s voice. She went on to say that the song made more sense given the singer’s background, and she concluded her review by saying it was “beautifully done.”

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