Near the market, under the carts, the dog is frozen to the ice and is starting to freeze

Every night, just before the supermarket closes, employees gather their shopping carts and prepare to go home. That night, when one of the employees put the cart back in, everything was the same, except for someone crying under the cart. When the woman looked under the cart, she saw a small dog. The dog’s hair was muddy, disheveled, and a little frightened.

“It’s so cold here, you should find another place to sleep,” the woman said to the dog, patting it on the head. The dog tried to get up as if he understood what she was saying, but he couldn’t get up. The dog could lean on its front legs, but its hind legs did not move at all.

The woman also noticed that the dog was wearing a collar with a carabiner. She couldn’t go home calmly, knowing that the poor dog would be exposed to the cold again and she might not survive the cold nights.

There were already several animals in her house and she was unable to take the dog to her company. So she called and the rescue team rushed to help the dog.

A volunteer picked Bim up and took him to the vet right away. When the baby warmed up, he could stand on his feet, but as it turned out, one of them was still not working. The vet pointed out other health issues, but they were all fixable. The doctor also noted that the dog was about 9 months old. Bim weighs 13kg and is petite and very cute.

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