‘The Sound Of Silence’ Begins To Play And Immediately Ice Skaters Make Song Theirs

Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres are a French figure skating couple. They performed a routine to Simon and Garfunkel’s classic “Sound of Silence” at the International Skating Federation’s World Team in Japan in 2017.

Some athletes excel at what they do with technical routines and physical performances that amaze their fans.
Perhaps their costumes were supposed to suggest to the viewer that this was not a traditional performance.

Both were dressed in black. Vanessa wore a skin-tight black bodysuit made of shiny material, and Morgan wore a loose black shirt and black pants. Opt for a social look with dresses, sequins, and bright colors. By contrast, Vanessa and Morgan’s costumes were strong. As the first melancholic, hushed sounds of Disturbed’s haunting version of Simon and Garfunkel’s classic “Sound of Silence” echoed through the arena, audiences associated dark costumes with brooding songs.

But the matching colors had another purpose. When skating, Vanessa and Morgan seemed to match each other’s movements and paces effortlessly. Sometimes, when they got close, they almost melted together.


They’ve worked together for almost a decade, so perhaps all these hours of practice alone have created an almost telepathic communication and the deep trust they seem to have when performing.

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