They tried to drown the old dog, but he was lucky

British woman Jane Harper found a dog wriggling in the river while she was out for a walk. As she approached, she saw a stone fastened to the poor animal’s neck.

A huge rock pulled the dog to the bottom, but Jane was in time to pull the drowning dog out of the water.

The drowned animal turned out to be a 10-year-old Belgian shepherd. After all the suffering, the dog looked exhausted, could no longer stand up, and had eaten very little. Harper went to a local animal welfare organization, where Bella was brought in, and started caring for her.

Bella’s irresponsible and cruel owner turns out to be Charlene Latham. She admitted to torturing her pet and she paid her fine of just £80. The 32-year-old woman said in court that she was coerced into drowning Bella by her former roommate, but she had no proof.

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