A kind man put a stool next to the fence so his Lab could meet the neighbors’ dogs that are his best friends without obstacles

True friendship knows no boundaries and this story proves it once again!

A dog named Giuseppe couldn’t jump on the edge of the fence and chat with his neighbors. The owner came to solve the situation.

Vito and Bambino are two Great Danes who live happily with their owners.

Not long ago, the dog had a furry neighbor a Labrador named Giuseppe. From the first day, the Great Danes met their new neighbor on a walk and were close friends ever since, spending a lot of time together.

But their friendship had only one obstacle a high fence between the yards of their house. Vito and Bambino approached the fence and, thanks to their impressive sizes, could see their neighbors in peace, but Giuseppe the Labrador had a hard time.

The owner of the Labrador Retriever said, “I’ve seen many times how poor Giuseppe jumps to say hello to his big friends. Giuseppe’s owner saw how strong the dog’s friendship was and decided to help him out a little. The dog owner found a high chair in the cupboard and placed it next to the fence. Giuseppe was delighted to find it right away!

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