I’ll admit, I had no idea Banderas could sing — his voice is captivating:

After all, Antonio has a lot to offer beyond his drop-dead good looks and acting skills. He is also an extraordinary singer, performing the Phantom of the Opera brilliantly in London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Andrew Lloyd’s video of his performance at Webber’s 50th birthday party leaves no doubt. In fact, based on the video, it’s clear that Banderas could be a successful singer.

For his performance, Banderas has to compete with acclaimed classical singers. He sings a duet from The Phantom of the Opera with Sarah Brightman, one of Britain’s most famous songwriters and classical singers. 

For three minutes, Banderas and Brightman deliver a captivating performance in perfect harmony. Audiences will not be disappointed. Honestly, it’s a shame that Antonio didn’t get many chances to sing in his career.

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