Adorable Cockatoo Gets the Surprise and Fright of Her Life When She Sees Her New Toy

Besides gaining 1.5 million views the cockatoo Emma didn’t like her new toy.

Emma had been a good cockatoo throughout the whole year so her parents decided to make her a present.

But the bird seemed to dislike the new toy as it kept moving and moving.

The crazy weasel tried to catch the ball so vigorously that Emma was frustrated. The cockatoo thought about why was her new toy so active and maybe decided to be a mischievous bird for the next year to get a more pleasant and calmer present.

@campingcockatoo Emma was a good cockatoo this year so she got to open an early Christmas 🎁 She was a fan up until the toy came to life 😅 #umbrellacockatoosoftiktok #umbrellacockatoo #exoticpets #parrotsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #birdsoftiktok #fyp #fypシ #birdlover #funny #dancingbird ♬ original sound – campingcockatoo

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