Elderly Couple Married For Over 77 Years Gets Buried Holding Hands In Shared Casket

In one heartwarming case, an elderly couple stayed together long after their death. Raymond Bruer and Velma Bruer were married for 77 years. In their final request, Raymond made a special request for his loved ones. He wanted to spend his whole life with his soulmate and his eternity with her.

Velma and Raymond were raising a beautiful family in the town of Dawson, Missouri. They married young and spent 77 years together. They had six children and dozens of grandchildren. When Raymond died, his only three children were alive.

According to the Herald, in the final months of Raymond’s life, his health deteriorated. Despite his pain and suffering, he did everything he could to make his wife smile. He asked the nurse to bring him flowers and tried to write him a sweet love letter. In the final hours of his life, he came up with a heartwarming idea and shared it with a nurse near him.

Raymond must have known that he had only a few hours left to live. He lived his 97 years on earth and spent almost 80 percent of his life with his wife. The time had come for him to die, and he hugged his wife’s hand to his chest. He could barely grasp her hand, so she propped his fingers between the palms of her fragile hands. When the nurse entered the room, Raymond said goodbye to his beloved wife.

her He told the nurse that he wanted to be buried in the same coffin as her wife so they could be together forever.

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