Luna the Panther,who had been abandoned by his mother, adopted and raised by this kind woman and her sweet dog

Luckily, there are still plenty of good people in this world who are willing to help without getting a profit.

A lonely woman and her dog came to a Siberian zoo to pick up this baby. And everything went better than they could have imagined.

Meet Luna the Panther.

Luckily, Luna now lives a wonderful life surrounded by her loving and warm family. Life with the beloved Rottweiler is already great.

However, he had a very difficult life in the past. His mother left him when he was only a few days old, leaving him with little chance of survival. Victoria, who has taken care of other stray cats before, falls in love with Luna and decides to help her. She went to the zoo every day and fed the beautiful leopard until it was strong and healthy enough.

Finally, after spending so much time with her, the kind lady couldn’t let him go, so she decided to make him an inseparable part of her family.

At first, she was worried that the relationship between Luna and Venza the dog would not work out. But she was completely wrong because when they first met they became inseparable friends. 

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