Oh Yeah, I’m Guilty but Happy! An Iguana Tells His Human Dad after Secretly Bingeing on Dog Food

Though you should keep either a dog or a cat as a pet this man chose an iguana. Rocket is one of the largest lizards in the Americas.

Like all other pets, Rocket knows very well how to hide his mischievous tricks.

When his dad found Rocket eating some dog food secretly he knew that he couldn’t go mat at him as he had such a charm and eyes that would make him pet instead of shouting.

The innocent look of this iguana attracted not only his dad but also many TikTok users.

@rocket_the_iguana New year same Iguana..😂🦖🤷🏾‍♂️ Happy New Year #pets #funny #petlover #iguana ♬ original sound – RocketTheIggy


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