In 1997, this woman gave birth to seven children. How do the world’s first seven-born babies live now?

Bobby and Kenny McCaughey already had one child, but they needed another to make their child happier. Due to health reasons, Kenny could not conceive for a long time and the couple decided to undergo IVF. The woman was implanted with seven embryos, but usually only one survives, so she implanted all of them. But something unexpected happened and all the embryos survived.

All seven of her children were born in 1997. It was truly a miracle. All babies weighed about 1.5kg at birth and unfortunately, two of them were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but soon after a few surgeries the babies were able to stand and walk.

This incident excited all the media, newspapers began writing about this family and filming programs. However, the family began to have difficulties. There was a catastrophic lack of funds.

Thankfully, the people around sympathized with the publicity of this story. McCaughey had some people send him clothes and toys, and financial help. Even the American president was not left out.

This large family was immediately given a large house and provided with free food. Many colleges were already waiting for their children to study after high school.

Nearly 25 years have passed. You can see what the sevens look like now.

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