Single Dad Adopts Five Siblings Under Age Six In Order To Raise Them Together

Lamont Thomas decided to adopt five siblings at once in October 2019 in Buffalo, NY. The reason he did this is simple. The five children, aged 1 to 5, would otherwise have been separated.

Lamont Thomas has always been dedicated to helping children. He proved it again on Oct. 17, 2019, when he adopted five siblings. With this full adoption, Lamont is now the proud father of 12 children. Before this adoption, the single father had seven other children.

Lamont’s journey to fatherhood began in 2000 when he was placed in foster care to care for a friend’s child. Lamont has two biological children, Anthony and Lamonica.

In 2007, Lamont adopted twins Jermaine and Tremaine, followed by Jamie and German. Lamont has never turned down a child. He either keeps them out of the system or adopts them himself until they are old or able to return to their families.

Lamont thought the adoption was over but found out that he would have to adopt a child from one of his former foster children in order not to be separated.

Zendaya (5), Jamel (4), Nakia (3), Major (2), and Michaela (1) were divided into 4 houses. This broke Lamont’s heart and he decided that the children would be together. Small children bring a lot of energy to Lamont and he is very happy to be able to take care of them. We hope his story inspires you to support children in need.

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