“Didn’t wash my hair.” J.Lo in eco-coat and cummerbund walks hand in hand with Ben

J.Lo and Ben Affleck are again at the center of attention. The couple reunited and gained millions of fans.

Recently, on January 29, they were noticed together hand in hand going on shopping.

See Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Look Stylish and Cozy During Family  Outing

The Holywood couple was dressed very simply. J.Lo even didn’t wash her hair but meanwhile managed to make a stylish hairstyle.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck enjoy weekend getaway with their blended family

Ahe wore her favorite jeans and an eco-coat which gave her a very stylish look. Ben Affleck was dressed simply too. But they looked like a perfect loving couple.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Show Their Chic Winter Couple Style On  Family Outing

Though som fans claim that ben again became addicted to booze nothing could interfere with the couple loving each other more.

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