Neglected Sheep Finds A Friend And A Place To Call Home

People need to have a true friend in their life which is built into them. They may have many people coming into their lives and going out but a true friend is very essential for all of us.

It turned out that even animals have such needs. This is proved by the story of this neglected ship. The ship doesn’t have friends around as he hadn’t been cared for properly for a long time. This is when the Harmony Hill Farm Sanctuary came to help.

The sheep was found neglected and with matted fleece. It turned out that Ellie Mae was brought by a student who was a Future Farmers of America member and took Ellie Mae in as a project.

But the student graduated and the ship was left with no help and care. Laura Johnson, the founder of Harmony Hill Farm Sanctuary, was too worried about the ship and gave her a name. Ellie Mae was cared for very well and even gained friends there. She felt very comfortable there surrounded by kind people and animal friends.

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