Wrinkles and an old T-shirt: how Lady gaga is seen by only her lover?

It is hard to say how Lady Gaga is famous: by her voice, or the artwork and intriguing characters that she creates.

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Though the 36-year-old singer is known for her very unique clothes and emphasized makeup she has changed a lot. Now she is mostly seen in public ceremonies with an elegant look and nude makeup.

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Lady Gaga and the businessman Michael Polanski have been lovers for the recent 3 years. The businessman did everything to conceal their relationship.

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But social media reveals everyone’s secrets. Recently the actress posted a photo where she is delighted by her flowers. She grinned in teh photo which revealed her happiness. But the singer looked much older in teh photo than she is.


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Her gray T-shirt, grown roots, and untidy hair gave her older look and fans aren’t satisfied with this.

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