Became plastic: What does the girl whose appearance was laughed at at school look like today?

Zurich’s resident Celine Centino has a lot to tell the world.

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When she was a schoolgirl all her schoolmates and peers kept gazing at her as a mocking object. They laughed at her appearance and made fun.

8x10 Celine Centino GLOSSY PHOTO photograph picture print bikini lingerie  model | eBay

Celine promised herself that when she would become older and would have an opportunity first of all she would change her appearance.

Victime de harcèlement à l'école, Céline opte pour la chirurgie esthétique  et change du tout au tout: on ne la reconnaît même plus! (photos)

When she became 18 years old she did what she wanted. She spent over £20k on plastic surgery and had wonderful results. Now her classmates admire her instead of teasing her.

S-a operat până când a ajuns o „păpușă” cu forme ireale. Cum arată corpul  lui Celine Centino - InfoStiri

She became a real-life barbie and looked artificial but she is more self-confident with her new look.

Celine centino prima e dopo - Dago fotogallery

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