Rescue pup sees baby brother taking wobbly first steps and jumps to help

Sam is a mom to her baby Arlo and her loyal canine friend Millie.

Sam told that when she brought Millie home she was in great despair. She suffered a miscarriage and Millie could comfort her very well.

Soon Sam and her husband were going to have another baby and they were afraid of how Millie would react.

But as soon as Arlo came home Millie was too excited and happy to have a new little bro. She liked to lick him when he giggled hysterically. Millie also helped her little bro overcome his fear while taking his first wobbly steps.

They became inseparable and Sam couldn’t stay indifferent. Soon she became posting the funny moments of their life on a TikTok account.

@doglovesbaby You can do it, baby brother! #puppiesandbabies #doglovesbaby #firststeps #dontstopbelieving ♬ Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

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