Struggling Pigeon Saved After He Was Dyed Pink For Gender Reveal & Tossed Onto Streets

Nowadays people reveal the gender of their future child in various unique tricks. But this way is far too cruel for the innocent bird.

A poor dried pigeon was found by a kind Samaritan wandering around Manhattan’s Madison Square Park.


The king pigeon, a domestic breed, was brought to the Wild Bird Fund, a nonprofit rehabilitation center.

The staff examined the bird and claimed that someone bought the poor pigeon and dyed it pink for a gender reveal party or some other celebration. They took care of the bird and called Flamingo.

The pigeon was in an awful shape because of mulnutrition. Though the staff did almost anything to remove the dye it was impossible to clean. It had a strong odor which was too bad for the respiratory organs of the pigeon as they are highly sensitive. bUt the staff didn’t give up and did everything for Flamingo. They hoped that soon the dyed feathers would molt and Flamingo will have new and healthy feathers.

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