Adorably stubborn baby seal refuses to go back to the ocean

When the members of the Public Works from Cape Elizabeth found this seal it was half past one in the morning. It was very unusual to find the seal there so they called the authorities.


The Cape Elizabeth police department soon arrived and told that it was an “unusual call.” They took the seal near the ocean where it belonged but the animal seemed to escape the water.

After a few hours, the police got a call again about the seal. They hypothesized that the seal was following the scent of Cookie Jar donuts, an establishment in the area. They took the seal and this time released it in Fort Williams Park.

But this was not the end too. So this time the police decided to turn to the professionals. They called the Marine Mammals of Maine to help them out. The staff arrived and took the seal with them.

The Marine Mammals of Maine explained that the seal weaned from its mom and was underweight. So the center would care for the seal as much as it would be able to be released into its natural habitat again.

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