Grew up and surpassed his father: What does the son of the most handsome man in the world look like?

Omar Borkan has once been considered the most handsome man in the world. Omar is still very attractive and he now has a beautiful family too.

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Omar had a very attractive wife. Yasmin Oweidan is the perfect match for Omar. And their fans were impatient to meet with their child. Soon they had a son.

Dulu Dideportasi dari Arab Saudi Karena Terlalu Tampan, Omar Borkan Kini  Jadi Duda Kaya - Halaman all -

Their son turned out to be the cutest baby boy. Though the fans kept claiming that he resembled his father very much Omar didn’t agree with it.

To my son,, wherever your journey in life may take you, I pray you'll  always be safe, I'm always here for you, Love.Dad | Hemsworth, Chris  hemsworth, Cuộc sống

He said that his son inherited his mother’s best features and it was due to her that they had such an attractive baby. What a nobel and shy nature Omar showed with this statement!

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