Wild horse spots his soulmate from afar after years apart and their reunion is caught on camera

Being apart from someone you truly loves is devastating. The internet is abundant with such reuniting videos which are so touching. They can be a veteran and his lover, an ill girl, and his lover, and there can also be cases when animals being apart for a long time meet again. You may wonder but they also have memory and can react just like human beings.

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Some clever mammals also feel anxiety while being separated from their loved ones. This old but gold video showcases the reunion of two very smart and emotional horses who have been apart for 2 years.

Ghost & Phoenix — Skydog Ranch & Sanctuary

When a woman saw the pictures of a marvelous horse named Phoenix jumping over a barricade she made up her mind to adopt him. but when she investigated the farm photos she noticed that Phoenix was not alone.

A touching reunion of a wild horse with its soulmate after many years of separation. ·

But when the woman came to pick him up she couldn’t find the mare around.

Watch wild horses reunited after two years apart | Boing Boing

The woman took Phoenix and brough him into her farm where she had many other horses. But Phoenix didn’t want to connect with the herd and often stayed standoffished.

The photo of Phoenix jumping from the barricade had a story. At that time his family was taken away from him and he most of all missed his beloved mare Ghost.

American Mustang, Phoenix and Ghost, Skydog Ranch

After a few days, the woman got some photos of a white horse like Ghost. She comared the two photos and discovered that they were identical. She immediately drove and brought Ghost back to her lover.

Ghost & Phoenix — Skydog Ranch & Sanctuary

As soon as teh two saw each other they had the most touching reunion. After 2 long years the horses managed to meet again due to a caring owner.

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