“You can’t unsee it!” 310-pound Lizzo dressed as a flower man at the grammy awards!

Lizzo is a star who only motivates her fans and girls all over the world who are facing overweight.

Lizzo's Cape at the 2023 Grammy Awards Deserves Its Own Award | Vogue

During her interviews with her fans, she talked about self-love, acceptance of her body, and the promotion of body positivity. The star claimed that nowadays fashion is only for thin models and chubby girls are condemned not to wear short dresses.

Lizzo Was One Big Human Flower at the 2023 Grammy Awards — See Photos |  Allure

That is why sometimes she tries to change people’s minds with extravagant clothes. After numerous candid photos and videos, fans’ attitude has changed a lot.

Lizzo Is Just Peachy In Show-Stopping Grammys 2023 Look | ETCanada.com

For instance, yesterday the pop star wore a bright orange cape with a long train and huge flowers on it. It was difficult to find Lizzo’s face in such a huge dress. She managed to make a great impression on fans during the Grammy ceremony.

Lizzo Wins Record of the Year at the 2023 Grammys for "About Damn Time"

She won the record of the year 2023 for “About Damn Time.”

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