“Doctors gave him a terrible diagnosis”: What does Ashton Kutcher look like now?

Ashton Kutcher has been the idol of many girls around the world for many long years. But the actor has now changed a lot. Besides he is not the same “bachelor” you remember him from the movie “Toy Boy.”

ashton kutcher's sunglasses on toyboy (spread) movie | Styleforum

Now he has a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. Besides the actor has been diagnosed with severe disease in 2019. He was diagnosed with a rare form of autoimmune disease vasculitis.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's Kids: Meet Wyatt and Dimitri

The actor has been deprived of his sight, hearing, and ability to walk. It was too hard for the actor but he fought against the disease and overcame vasculitis.

Ashton Kutcher Was Desperate To 'Reclaim' Health After Suffering Rare  Disease

The actor had a 10-year break in his career and the only occupation during the long break was his family and A-Grade investment fund, which invests in tech startups and replenished the actor’s bank account very well.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's Kids: Meet Wyatt and Dimitri

But now, in 2023, Ashton is back again in the comedy “Your Place or Mine?”

What is vasculitis, the condition that affected Ashton Kutcher? | CNN

At the premiere of the movie, he looked very well with the co-actress Reeses Witherspoon. The film should be shot in Georgia but as the actor wanted to stay closer to his family he paid the difference in production and they stayed and shot in LA.

Bildene av «Your Place or Mine»-aktuelle Reese Witherspoon og Ashton  Kutcher er snakkis - VG

It seemed like very soon the world should again admire his appearance.


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