“Simply unbeliavable”: 7 actors who are as alike as two peas in a pod!

People all over the world have “identical twins.” These are people who resemble each other very much but have no family connection.

Sometimes you wonder how people from different parts of the world having nothing in common can be so similar to each other. This time we will show you the famous actors who have their not less famous “twins.”

This row of actors will make you a puzzle as they have an unbelievable resemblance.

  1. Robert Downey Junior and Jose GarciaInsaisissables : Le jour où José Garcia a été confondu avec Robert Downey Jr  à Hollywood | Premiere.fr
  2. Mark Strong and Stanley TucciHannah Leigh Prior on Twitter: "Why haven't Mark Strong and Stanley Tucci  played brothers yet in a complex sexy thriller? What the fuck is wrong with  this industry. ARE YOU BLIND?" /
  3.  Ralph Fiennes and Bradley CooperCeleb Look-alike - Ralph Fiennes and Bradley Cooper | Flickr
  4. Henry Cavill and Matt BoomerThat's not me": When Henry Cavill Joked About Why He Keeps Signing Matt  Bomer Pictures - Netflix Junkie
  5. Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-GreenPictures : 26 Celebrities Who Look Like Other Celebrities - Tom Hardy And  Logan Marshall Green Look Alike
  6. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Heath LedgerHow Close Were Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Heath Ledger?
  7. Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean MorganJavier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Do they look alike? - YouTube
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