A lady in her forties gets her degree from the same college where she worked as a cleaner for the previous 14 years

Sthembile Mngwengwe proved once more that age is just a number and it is never too late to learn some new things.

Kasi Economy on Twitter: "Sthembile Mngwengwe is a 40 year old woman from  KZN who graduated with a degree in social science from the same university  (UKZN) she spent 14 years at

Sthembile has been working as a cleaner at the University of KwaZulu-Natal for 14 years. The financial difficulties never gave a chance for her to learn after graduating from school in 1998.

KZN woman graduates with a bachelor's degree at the same university she  cleans | You

But the current work made her think thoroughly about her fate and even change her faith for the better. As she entered the teacher’s offices almost every day she made up he mind to become a student. Soon she enrolled as a student and earned a Bachelor’s degree in social science.

Sthebile’s story motivates all who have already given up and decided that it is too late. It is the greatest inspiration to all who believe that they are too old to pursue their goals.

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