A dog behaved strangely because he felt that something was wrong and as a result, he saved his 89-year-old neighbor’s life

That St. Patrick’s day has become very special for Rob Jerry and his Great Dane.

Mr. Jerry took his dog out for a walk and their usual stroll has become something very extraordinary. At first, the dog was very calm but soon he felt that something was wrong.

Great Dane Hero Saves 89-Year-Old Neighbor's Life After Tragic Fall and  Broken Hip – Madly Odd!

Sadie, the Great Dane, approached the forest edge and froze in his place. Though rob called his back the dog was motionless.

Dog saves neighbor, 89, with broken hip - YouTube

Sadie began growling and tugging on the leash. After it, a strange sound came from the forest. Rob thought that it was a wounded deer or some other animal and decided to help. When he came closer he found his neighbor instead of a wounded animal.

Hero Dog Saves Elderly Neighbor After a Bad Fall - Orvis News

The 89-year-old Albert fell and couldn’t get up on his own. So he needed help but there was no one around.

Rob brought the old man home and Sadie was accompanying them. It turned out that the forest air lover broke his tight and his wife called an ambulance. She thanked Rob and Sadie and told them that if not for the attentive and clever dog her husband could have been in far worse condition.

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