Elephant herd ‘envelops’ their human best friend in giant hug

It’s always fascinating to look at how people communicate with animals. Some people can truly understand animals’ language and can make them do whatever they want.

Dogs are considered one of the smartest and most easily trainable animal species. However, some people want something bigger than dogs.

In the Elephant Nature Park, a man managed to create very strong bonds with a herd of elephants.

The Elephant Nature Park is located in Thailand. You may have heard about the park due to Lek, a girl who puts elephants to sleep very gently.

But this time the story is about a man who can easily “speak” with elephants.

When you see this guy dressed very casually you won’t think that he makes the herd of elephants obey. The mana just whistles and the trumpeting sounds seem to be closer and closer.

When he shouted, he said “Kham-Lha,” the name of one of the elephants. And when they heard their friend calling them they came as fast as possible. The moment when they met was one of the most touching animal and human moments ever.

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