Owl shows so much love to owner in 3-minute video that it gets over 36M views

Owls are associated with wisdom and are also considered symbols of protection in many cultures. Though many people like owls and want to keep them as a pet they are not recommended as pets.

But various countries have various rules and in the United States, only those who are licensed can keep owls. But they mainly foster owls and later release them into the wild.

In Japan, it is permissible to keep certain species of owls.

The Gen3 Owl Channel recently posted a video that managed to gain over 36 million views in a short time. The video shows how a very beautiful owl named Garu gently responds to the love that Gen gives him.

Garu is a Bengal Eagle Owl (Bubo bengalensis) and needs special care and attention. Gen knows perfectly how to caress the owl and the owl shows his gratitude in the most touching way.

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