“She never ages!” 58-year-old Monica Bellucci dared to do a photoshoot in a bodysuit

Recently 58-year-old Monica Bellucci decided to show the world that she is still gorgeous.

Luxurious Monica Bellucci: Amazing photos and facts from life. Monica  Bellucci - biography, photos, quotes Young Monica Bellucci in a swimsuit

The actress has always been the hot idol for not only men but also women. Many women wanted to look the same and did various transformations for the desired results.

The actress is considered “old” already but her recent photos in a bikini left everyone speechless.

Monica Bellucci - 3026 - Ralph Wenig

The fans praised her for her brave look and claimed that many young girls easily will be jealous of her.

Monica Bellucci - 3031 - Ralph Wenig

However, not everyone thinks like this and many netizens kept saying that if you removed photoshop then the photos would be disgusting. They thought that the neck reveled the photoshop of the “old” actress.

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