Dick Van Dyke, The Renowned Actor Needs Our Support More Than Ever

Dick Van Dyke, known for his role in Mary Poppins, is now 97 years old.

Dick Van Dyke paid Walt Disney to play two roles in 'Mary Poppins' | CNN

Mary Poppins Returns, the beloved 1964 sequel, was screened on BBC on Christmas Day, bringing the Hollywood legend back to the nation’s television screens. Though Van Dyke’s involvement in the sequel was substantially smaller than his role in the original, in which he co-starred in with Julie Andrews as Bert, he still had a chance to prove that he had the same talent and could sing and dance.

Here's How Much Dick Van Dyke Is Really Worth

The famous American actor is already old and there was trouble back in 2013, when the singer allegedly stated that he had been having pounding in his head whenever he slept.

The actor posted on Twitter and asked solutions for his headaches. But soon he announced that the cause was his titanium dental implants.

At 95 Dick Van Dyke Still Does Sit-Ups Every Day | Dusty Old Thing

The implant and bone gradually fuse together after being inserted into the jawbone to form stronger, healthier teeth. Van Dyke’s headache was caused by a nerve injury that occurred in his case.

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