The fact that the kitten was born with unusual paws, made the breeder get rid of it

A defenseless kitten was left at the veterinary clinic. A congenital pathology affected the infant. He was born with a thumb that was sticking out and fingers that were too big for his front paws. The owners decided they didn’t need a deformed kitten. As a result, they gave up on the tiny creature.

Fortunately, veterinarians found him. Yet, the child required a home where he could have a solid sense of reassurance. A woman, in contrast to the owners, was not of the opinion that a charming white kitten could become a burden. Therefore, she decided to bring the cat to her residence.

The infant was initially very reserved. He wasn’t the only one here, after all. Mojito, a golden retriever dog, and other pets lined up side by side. She made the decision to care for the white “novice” as soon as she noticed him.

It’s possible that the dog was keen on the kitten. Or perhaps she possessed some maternal instincts? Regardless, she took our adorable hero under her wing—or, more accurately, warm, fluffy paw.

His mother was replaced by a gentle dog. As if it were her puppy, she licked his fur, “groomed” the infant, and warmed him with her warmth. The young kitten fell asleep, cuddled up with a Mojito, and felt comforted.

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