White Hachiko on the road: Passers-by rescued a dog that was waiting for its owner on the road

A new Hachiko has appeared in Ukraine. In the village of Maryanovka, volunteers saved from starvation a dog that sat in the street for five days waiting for its owner.

A devoted husky waited a long time for a reckless driver who left him on the road. However, he was saved by volunteers.

First they gave the dog bread and porridge. Then they managed to get him out of the way.

The animal now lives with resident Elena Gross. She explains that she was very worried about the husky’s life.

The rescued animals have been called Lucky, as she’s sure to find a new home for Lucky. Elena Grosso is already taking care of her other five dogs, so Lucky can’t be kept at home for a long time. But she will wait as long as needed.

Due to such kind-hearted residents the poor stray animals left by their cruel owners found their place in this world.

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