Desperate man puts his car up for sale to save his beloved dog’s life

Andy Etter’s greatest love is for his dog, Gemini. He was a small pet when Randy saved him and raised him. Consequently, they have developed a remarkable friendship.

Sadly, the dog started to get sick later that day. “He just started to slow down and I didn’t believe it was natural, just sleeping by me and following me around,” Etter told The Dodo. I simply had the impression that he was requesting assistance.

Randy began driving Gemini to various veterinarians in the hope of locating anyone who could assist him because he was aware that something was wrong. He was fired after missing his shift at work, but he didn’t seem to care. He was merely concerned about his closest friend’s well-being.

An animal rescue organization known as S.O.A.R Initiative (Street Outreach Animal Response) saw the Facebook post and was moved by Etter’s devotion to his dog. S.O.A.R. got in touch with its members and asked for money to help Gemini.

The organization gave Etter $3,000. Gemini is recuperating at home following a successful surgery. Naturally, Randy is overjoyed like never before.

He said that he was going to return the bill and sell his car for this.

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