Ancient shark born in 1505 found in dark waters of the Atlantic

Researchers have found the oldest vertebrate in the world. They keep claiming that the shark is 512 years old.

Ancient shark

The vertebrate is the Greenland shark which has a long gray body, small head, and short-rounded snout. They have been known for living for hundreds of years and swimming around to find a mate.

Ancient shark

Julius Nilsson and his team have been studying an 18-foot Greenland shark and claim that the shark is a minimum of 242 and a maximum of 512 years.

Now researchers are doing various investigations to find out the secret of such longevity for these species.

Ancient shark

One of the most popular and accurate answers to the question is that Greenland sharks have always been found in the North Atlantic part stretching from Canada to Norway. And due to the prolonged metabolism and the cold water where they live the sharks manage to reach such old ages.

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